The Buyamba footwear brand was created as a means to help others in need. Uganda is a beautiful country in Africa that is currently in economic despair, and much help is needed. The Country has been ravaged by war and the onslaught of the HIV virus. Through the creation of jobs and the education of children you can help us make an immediate and significant difference in the Lives of many Ugandan women and children. Buyamba in the local language means “to help” and our credo is Helping Souls in Need™.

Buyamba aims to identify indigenous handmade crafts that can be sold into broader markets by incorporating them into footwear designs. We are looking to create jobs through the marketing and sales of these products. Our goal is to train, teach, and empower the women.

We believe that the future of Uganda and the future of this generation as a whole rests upon our children. The legacy we leave behind will be echoed in these children for years to come. Our goal is to leave a legacy of Hope and Love. Hope in mankind, and the Love filled compassion capable of breaking down barriers and bridging the socio-economic gaps that separate us. Can something as simple as a paper bead change someone’s life? Simply stated, yes, it can.


Changing lives one bead at a time™

In Uganda, Women make Beautiful Handmade beads that are rolled out paper. The paper used to make the beads is usually trash or discarded overstock so there is a unique environmental advantage to the materials used. The beads are rolled by hand and then taken through a varnishing process(lead free and water based), in which they harden and take on a unique and appealing gloss and texture. The beads would traditionally be made into necklaces and bracelets, however, we saw an expanded market opportunity to incorporate them into the designs of handbags, shoes, and sandals, among other accessories. To date, we have established over 200 new jobs for women making the beads for our footwear products, and they have produced over 3 million beads! The women earn a fair wage that allows them, for the first time in their lives, to provide for their families. Through the sale of the footwear, we have then been able to turn around and donate over $100,000 to support the educational and nutritional needs of Ugandan children. We call this the Cycle of Hope® and are dedicated to sustaining this for years to come.

We have partnered with Buyamba Uganda, a 501c non-profit charity organization that’s sole purpose is to help feed and educate the children of Uganda. Currently they have over 2000 students in their primary school and hight school facilities and plans are underway for the building of a vocational school in Kampala Uganda. Buyamba Uganda gives back over 90% of every dollar given to then directly to the children’s educational and nutritional needs.